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Pregnancy is, of course, the most beautiful phase of life. Acne during pregnancy is one of the most common problems faced by the ladies. The studies suggest that every second pregnant woman fall victim of acne. Some might suffer the severe acne while some have the mild acne attack during the pregnancy. Some people use […]

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What are Some Good Home Remedies for Acne?

Acne can be the bane of teenage as well as adult life. If you are battling acne and have tried commercially available products, it is time to try a natural treatment for acne. Home remedies for acne do not have adverse side effects so you can use them without worries. Here are some best home […]

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How to Clear Forehead Acne?

Acne breakout is most common in the forehead area, one of the foremost reasons of these pimples can be that forehead is a part of the “T-Zone”, produced maximum oil on the face. Pimples usually form when excessive oil, dead skin cells and bacteria clogs inside the hair follicles and takes the shape of blackheads, […]

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