How to Clear Forehead Acne?

Quick Guide to Clear Forehead Acne

Acne breakout is most common in the forehead area, one of the foremost reasons of these pimples can be that forehead is a part of the “T-Zone”, produced maximum oil on the face. Pimples usually form when excessive oil, dead skin cells and bacteria clogs inside the hair follicles and takes the shape of blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules. Clogged pores, dandruff, oily scalp, unbalanced diet, digestive problems, over exfoliation, certain medications, and hormonal imbalances can also be the reasons of forehead acne.

Forehead Acne

Acne that breaks out due to hormonal components flare up at predictable intervals, and this is because hormones have cyclic nature in women monthly menstrual cycle. Most women report of peak symptoms, a week before their menstrual cycle, while some of them experience a pimple popping when they are menstruating or during ovulation. Location of pimples also determines a lot about the cause of forehead acne. Size, shape, appearance and the treatment it responds to (hormonal birth control methods) is the best clue to tell if the acne is due to hormonal disturbances or other reasons.

How to Clear Forehead Acne?

8 Ways to Clear Forehead Acne

Scroll down the list to know about treating acne all over forehead:

1). If you think your acne is due to hormonal imbalance, it is best to discuss it with a specialist. In some cases, the gynecologist can be as (or more) helpful than that of a dermatologist.

2). Check the birth control methods you are using to ensure they are working for you and get necessary tests done.

3). Wash your hair every day as shampooing can prevent the formation of excessive oil on the scalp and can prove to be one of the best treatments.

Clear Forehead Acne

4). Do not allow the hair to rest on your forehead it will only worsen your condition. It is better to keep your hair tied and stay away from greasy hair gels.

5). Use only mild hair products that do not contain harsh chemicals and excessive fragrances as it can help in getting rid of small bumps on forehead.

6). Wash your face twice a day; it will keep your skin clean from dust and bacteria. It is nice to use a mild face wash, the one having antibacterial properties. Use a separate clean towel to wipe your face and do not scrub your face, just pat it dry.

Quick Guide to Clear Forehead Acne

 For More Information About Hormonal Acne

7). Avoid using too many of makeup as it tends to clog your pores. Do not forget to remove it every night before you go to sleep.

8). Avoid stress: Stress aggravates your acne, stay stress-free, and most of your skin conditions will be gone.

In the meantime eat lots of fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water, exercise (burn off the negative energy) and be gentle with your skin. Medical care combined with your efforts can help you get rid of acne. No matter, how hard it seems do not give up on your skin. Small bumps on the forehead are great warning signs that show your body needs some attention and support from your side. Pimples are not a curse! With the right care, your skin can find way back to normal.


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