Some deadly disease that actually doesn’t exist and is internet hoax


“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”  – Abraham Lincoln

Well, this quote is apt these days. Every news, every event, every thing we do is simply posted on the internet. But for no good reason, few things go viral. The Internet is intended to enhance our knowledge, but these days Internet is employed as a platform for making fake and imaginary things popular. Even sometimes fake news goes viral on social media. Likewise, there are series of few deadly diseases that actually doesn’t exist but are internet hoaxes. These set of diseases are fictional and has no existence, they are just myths created by urban people. Few photos of diseases which we see online which give us chills and nightmare are often.

deadly causes

These set of diseases are fictional and has no existence, they are just myths created by urban people. Few photos of diseases which we see online which give us chills and nightmare are often photo shopped and have no existence.

In this article, we will read about such diseases which are imaginary but is real in the internet world!

Types of fake diseases-

  1. Blue waffle
  2. Chronic Lyme disease
  3. Morgellons syndrome
  4. Lamprey
  5. Adrenal fatigue
  6. Celiac
  7. Candida

Let’s have a detailed look on the above diseases, their origin and ‘symptoms’.

  1. Blue waffle

    Blue waffle is known to be the most famous fictional sexually transmitted disease. This disease is assumed to affect only women. ‘Waffle’ means vagina, and this disease causes severe vaginal infection and also blue discoloration to the vagina, so the name ‘Blue Waffle’. It is assumed to be originated in back 2010s. Later after research, this disease was proved as false.

    Chronic Lyme disease

  2. Chronic Lyme disease
    One of the most common fake diseases is ‘Chronic Lyme disease’, but research has proven that there is no such thing. Medical groups concluded that it is just late-onset symptoms of Lyme disease and can be cured by long-term antibiotic therapy.

    Morgellons syndrome

  3. Morgellons syndrome

    Like Chronic Lyme disease, ‘Morgellons’ is a self-made disease name. People suffering from this disease claimed that it feels like, bugs are crawling under their skins. But after many research and examination on patients, doctors suggested that the symptoms are like a psychiatric condition known as, delusional infestation, it is a delusional belief that one is infested with parasites. The term ‘Morgellons syndrome’ was coined by ‘Mary Leitao’, back in 2002, who claimed that her 2-year son was suffering from the same. But, Thank god! That there is no medical evidence of this disease.Blue waffle

  4. d)   Lamprey– Recently, Facebook was all flushed with inappropriate pictures of a disease named ‘Lamprey’, but it was just another internet hoax. This disease was famous for email hoax back in 2007 but was trending on the internet lately. The photos displayed under the name of this disease are works of Photoshop of lamprey fishes on the human eye. This disease has no medical existence.
  5. e) Adrenal fatigue– Adrenal fatigue is not a real medical condition. It is just a term being used for a prolonged mental, physical, and emotional stress. It cannot be diagnosed as it doesn’t have a true medical identity. People often confuse ‘Adrenal efficiency’ with ‘Adrenal fatigue’. Adrenal efficiency is a real medical term and is treatable. Celiac fake diseases
  6. f) Celiac – It is often said that ‘the worst part about having a celiac is, it is fake’! Celiac or gluten allergy is as false as the diseases mentioned above. Gluten sensitivity is something performed by few group of people who seek attention. There is nothing wrong in gluten, and gluten allergy is a hoax.
  7. h)   Candida– ‘Chronic candidacies’ or simply ‘Candida’ is one of the most popular fake diseases. Candida became the focus of a fake illness in the beginning of 1986. It is just a yeast infection and can be cured by simple treatment. It is not a disease, but the internet is selling books and methods to treat this ‘disease’, which is harmful in every possible way.


Wrapping up – Do not believe everything you read. And do not search for the treatment for some fake disease. Always consult your doctor and don’t become a doctor of your own by searching remedies online. Stay away from such hoax and medical scams. Focus more on real thing rather than believing things virtually.

Stay safe and stay healthy!